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High Efficiency Air Cleaner

Does the air in your home "bother" you?
NOW there is something you can do about it!

Electro Breeze air cleaner will turn your home's heating and air conditioning system into a HIGH EFFICIENCY central air cleaning system.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air we breathe indoors is seven times more polluted than outdoor air even in urban areas. There are 20 million particles in the average cubic foot of air, and many of these are the causes of allergies and hypersensitive reactions. Pollutants such as pollen and exhaust smoke come in from outside. A host of others are generated inside: cooking odours, second hand tobacco smoke, furnace gasses, fine dust from vacuum cleaners, paint dust, pet hairs and dander, cleaning product vapours, carpet fibres, molds, bacteria, and viruses. Just about everything we do indoors affects the quality of the air we breathe.

The most dangerous and more numerous of these allergy causing pollutants are the very smallest particles unseen to the naked eye. It is these particles that are behind the EPA's recent push to tighten air quality standards. Airborne particles are measured in microns. A micron is one 25,000th of an inch; a human hair is about 50 microns; the smallest thing that we can see is about 10 microns. As any allergy-sufferer will tell you, what you can't see will hurt you!. In fact, 97% of the particles in a cubic foot of air are smaller than 1 micron. That's about 20 million particles per cubic foot of air! It is these sub-micron particles that stay suspended for days, where you and your family can inhale them. They then can get by the defences of the respiratory system and go deep into the lungs, where they can cause a variety of health problems. They are also able to go right through most filters in homes, even those that advertise high-efficiency.

The Electro Breeze Air Cleaner is the most effective air cleaner we have seen for improving the air you breathe in your home.

Electro Breeze air cleaners were extensively tested by Life Resource, independent laboratory.

How UV Germicidal Rays Purify the Air

Air Purification with Ultraviolet Light

The quietest, most effective air purification system on the planet!

Mother Nature's Method
Ultraviolet Germicidal Light is a trusted air purifying method used in hospitals nationwide, and ultraviolet energy is the sun's rays that Mother Nature uses outdoors to purify the air. Ultraviolet lamps enable the Stealth UVC System to produce the natural germicidal rays that kill germs and control allergens.

Forced Air Furnaces Distribute Pollutants
Your furnace provides a perfect environment for the growth and broadcast of bio-aerosols, toxins and gases that cause the unhealthy air conditions found in most homes. Because a furnace is the collection point for most of the re-circulated air in a building, it is the best place for installing a Stealth UVC unit.

Governmental Agencies Acknowledge and Identify the Problem
The Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air is always 2 to 5 times, and sometimes 100 times worse than the worst outdoor air. You may not be able to see, smell or touch it, but this air pollution is impacting the health of your family. The American Medical Association reports that 1/3 of our national health bill is directly attributable to indoor air pollution.

What Are Bio-aerosols?
Mold is probably the most common bio-aerosol. Germs are also known as bio-aerosols or pathogens. Bio-aerosols are airborne pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew, (micro-organisms), which cause infectious disease. They can cause allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Indoor air pollution also includes VOC's, (volatile organic compounds), and other toxins which are gases. They can trigger allergies, various health problems, and may cause odors.

Basic Facts and Research Regarding Ultraviolet Energy or UV Light.
The Stealth UVC design is based on accumulated research data and actual experience from Westinghouse Electric Corporation Lamp Division's research laboratories. All ultraviolet energy is measured in nanometers and the wavelengths are shorter than visible light. Therefore UV energy is invisible to the human eye. The wavelengths of ultraviolet generated by the Stealth UVC germicidal lamp are in the 254 nm. range, making them lethal to the bio-aerosols described above.

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Electro Breeze Polarized Air Cleaners easily traps:


Electro Breeze panel air cleaner is designed to fit right into your air handling system. Our panel air cleaner comes in 15 standard sizes from 12X24 to 24X24.

Our patented air cleaner pad contains a carbon centre and is compatible with dynamic electrostatic and sears electrostatic air cleaners.